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How do I send a comment or inquiry to LJ's Beef Jerky?

We look forward to hearing our consumer's thoughts and comments. If you would like to send a question or a comment, please call us at 1-916-779-0375; or mail to: LJ's Beef Jerky, LLC., 20 Main Avenue, Unit #1, Sacramento, CA 95838, or via email, please

What is the shelf life of my unopened LJ's Beef Jerky product?

The shelf life of unopened LJ's Beef Jerky products varies depending on the product. In order to experience optimal color, flavor, aroma, and texture, the product should be consumed prior to the "Best If Used By" date printed on the package.

Where can I find ingredient information about LJ's Beef Jerky products?

A full list of ingredients is included in the ingredient statement on the product package. You may also find a complete ingredient list under "Ingredients" section on our web site.

Should LJ's Beef Jerky products be refrigerated once opened?

Yes. Once opened, the product is exposed to oxygen, which provides an environment conducive to mold. Once opened, product should either be consumed within 3-days or stored in the refrigerator to retard spoilage.

What do I do if my product's packaging is damaged?

LJ's Beef Jerky, LLC. does not recommend that you consume product from a package that has been damaged or tampered with. Please return the damaged package to the retailer for a full refund.

Are all LJ's Beef Jerky products allergen free?

LJ's Beef Jerky products may contain an allergen. If a common allergen is found in a product it will be listed on the ingredient statement or clearly identified beneath the ingredient statement on the package. LJ's Beef Jerky products commonly contain allergens such as: wheat, corn, soy and honey.

What is a UPC bar code?

The Universal Product Code is the bar code that is printed on each package of LJ's Beef Jerky products. The UPC contains several thick, black, vertical lines with a group of numbers printed beneath them. This bar code is used to scan products at the cash register and as a method of inventory control for the retail stores.

What does a "Best If Used By" date mean?

The date coded "Best If Used By" date on our products is intended as a best consumed by date. This means that in order to experience optimal color, flavor, aroma, and texture the product should be consumed prior to the date printed on the package.

Are LJ's Beef Jerky products safety tested?

Yes! LJ's Beef Jerky products are tested daily, weekly and monthly for different criteria to meet all requirements set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Our products are also regularly tested for all qualitative (e.g. color, flavor, texture) for quality control. Our goal is to ensuring that LJ's Beef Jerky products reach our consumers as safely and as flavorful as possible.